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Paper straws bulk
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February 27, 2019
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Goodbye And Good Riddance To Plastic Straws And Hello To Paper Straws

Have you noticed that plastic straws are becoming a rarity? Supermarket giant Tesco and fast food chain McDonalds have replaced their plastic straws with paper straws bulk. So, what’s brought this change about? Well, there has been pressure on the UK Government and businesses to do so. Numerous campaigns and shows like Blue Planet II have given us a glimpse into the extensive damage plastic is doing to our environment. When you consider that we use an estimated 8.5 billion plastic straws per annum, it was evident that a change needed to be made. Numerous companies have switched to paper straws, including Pizza Express, Wagamama, and JD Wetherspoon pubs; several coffee chains have also followed suit. Paper straws are a great alternative because they are biodegradable, meaning you can still enjoy your drink the way you like it, but without damaging the planet. The UK Government is set to ban the sale and distribution of plastic cotton buds, drinks stirrers, and straws. The ban should come into force between October of this year and 2020. But why wait? Make the change to paper straws bulk buying today.
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