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Words left unsaid! RIP to my sister! This letter is for you!
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It's real in the world and fake surrounding you. I'm just saying, be careful of the company you keep.
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I do it for them! My Kids and My Wife. But, I have to teach them how to rise to the top regardless of the hate and the world around them.
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Go heavy or go home and stop blocking up the equipment!
In the bodybuilding world there are unsaid pressures, internal pressure and outside influences to use enhancements. Stay true to yourself and make the decision that's best for you.
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Got to eat right to gain right. You need that wrist game in the kitchen and a tight scale to weigh it up. Gainz!
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trying to be successful in a world of hate is a challenge. Me and my Young'n out here grind'n to be successful. Featuring Young Champ
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Making it known my ANBF Men's Physique Class is under new Kingship!
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Collaborator(s): Vybe Beatz
Set your mind on any goal and Go Get It!
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Collaborator(s): Vybe Beatz
Work is about hitting the gym and getting it in! Get those F'n Gainz!
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