That Guy Health
HipHop Atlanta, GA  USA
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That Guy Health
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Words left unsaid! RIP to my sister! This letter is for you!
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It's real in the world and fake surrounding you. I'm just saying, be careful of the company you keep.
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Collaborator(s): Vybe Beatz
I do it for them! My Kids and My Wife. But, I have to teach them how to rise to the top regardless of the hate and the world around them.
Go heavy or go home and stop blocking up the equipment!
#48 (Sub-genre)
In the bodybuilding world there are unsaid pressures, internal pressure and outside influences to use enhancements. Stay true to yourself and make the decision that's best for you.
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Got to eat right to gain right. You need that wrist game in the kitchen and a tight scale to weigh it up. Gainz!
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trying to be successful in a world of hate is a challenge. Me and my Young'n out here grind'n to be successful. Featuring Young Champ
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Making it known my ANBF Men's Physique Class is under new Kingship!
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Collaborator(s): Vybe Beatz
Set your mind on any goal and Go Get It!
Peak in sub-genre #25
Collaborator(s): Vybe Beatz
Work is about hitting the gym and getting it in! Get those F'n Gainz!
Collaborator(s): Vybe Beatz
If you never hit the stage, you have no idea what you are missing!
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