Kelly Walsh
Acoustic Block Island, RI  USA
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Feisty 'n straight to the heart. Hailing from 'Lil Rhody, making merry with a college rock sound from the 80's with gutsy guitars and pleasing harmonies.
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Peak in sub-genre #19
Wishing for a better world at Christmas time
Peak in sub-genre #21
Bouncy song that tells a story about summer love
Peak in sub-genre #22
Guitar work written in the vein of Soul Asylum, song has an indie rock alt country feel
Peak in sub-genre #17
Love song with an updated "doo-wop" feel
Peak in sub-genre #51
Ode to Jimi Hendrix and the other rock icons who left us at age 27
Peak in sub-genre #20
Starting a new life with a new car in California
Saying good bye anthem rock style
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