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John Daubert
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John Daubert playing everything at home studio.
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Orchestrated version from the Rock Version by John Alan Daubert, (Instrument composition, arrangements and playing). Basic song written and produced by Mike Appel, (Springsteen's 1st Producer). Mike Caro for various Lead Violin, and, Percussion
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Instrumental in honor of John Lennon
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John Daubert playing and singing everything on all the songs: (Mike Caro adds on "Stage Door Johnny" some percussion and a violin part in the break). Daubert also mixed the tracks, including the version here for Stage Door Johnny.
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For All Songs: John Daubert Playing, Singing and Recording on Logic Audio Wav, (no programs or loops), at Home Studio. Mike Caro added Violin and Percussion on "Stage Door Johnny"
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John Daubert-Music and Vocal
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Daubert: All Music Playing and Vocals
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Daubert Recording-Playing-Singing
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John Alan Daubert playing and singing all parts at home. (I am available for studio session work, from home or at nearby studios in the Delaware Valley). Thank you.
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