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This is my page for my newer music, i can't remember the password for my old one so i had to create this one. You can listen to my other songs at soundclick.com
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#33 (Sub-genre)
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Wrote and recorded this like 7 years ago, figured it was about time for a remake. I think it sounds better than the original.
Peak position #69
Sometimes hanging with your friends means more than the normal kinda stuff...
Peak position #20
The song explains itself
Peak position #53
Not my best singing but it's one of my favorite songs, I don't hold any rights to the lyrics or instruments. Hope you enjoy though!
Peak position #55
Some well deserved Born Brave music. Enjoy!
Peak position #3
This song always reminds me of you, sorry for my sh** ty singing lol (this is not an original song created by me, i simply covered it)
Peak position #53
B-Killa Vizion Brave new Ill-Literate sh**
Peak position #92
We never physically made any promises.. but mentally we've spoken a thousand truths. Don't forget me.
Peak position #37
For my Twin Flame
Peak position #67
Classic Vizion Brave love song (Sinima on the beat)
Peak position #21 1
If you're constantly afraid to die then you can't live your life as it is intended
Peak position #25
Haven't done one like this in a long time
Peak position #34
For the girl that always met me under the tree.. Sean Divine on the beat.
Peak position #32
It's hard to have a functioning relationship with a heroin addict. That's exactly what this song depicts, and it's actually a true story. Sean Divine on the beat.
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