Evyn Charles
Pop Culver City, USA evyncharles.com/
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Fun Reggae-Flavored song, reminiscent of UB40. "Bad Luck" is over since "Good Luck Charm" girl came into his life! PRO RECORDING
Peak in sub-genre #16
Having made a living playing mostly cover songs at events, weddings and bars, this is my attempt to write about it. In a way, it is my version of Billy Joel's "Piano Man" with a touch of Ricky Nelson's "Garden Party." PRO RECORDING
Peak position #91
I originally wrote this song several years ago then completely forgot about it. After hearing an old recording of it, I decided it was worth rewriting. PRO RECORDING
Peak in sub-genre #10
My attempt to write a timeless Valentine's Day song. "Every year 'til the end of time, Honey will you be my Valentine?" PRO RECORDING
Peak in sub-genre #36
Finally moving on from destructive relationship. PRO RECORDING
Peak in sub-genre #57
Fast Rock-Pop song about making positive changes. RECORDING=PERSONAL STUDIO
Peak in sub-genre #35
Instant attraction between two people. PRO RECORDING
Peak position #65
This song is about personal transformation and new beginnings PRO RECORDING
Peak in sub-genre #34
Romantic song about meeting someone who can finally "quench the thirst of a lifetime." It has even been used as a wedding song! PRO RECORDING
Peak in sub-genre #66
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