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DBSBeats Produces Electronic EDM, Hip-Hop, Techno, Dubstep, Drum&Bass Club Bangers, & All Types of Instrumental Music Blending Genre Fusions! ROYALTY FREE BEATS
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a DBSBeats & Shocro Production Hipop Style Beat with an Amient Vibe! Also Check Out the DBSBeats Souncloud page for Exclusive Beats: To Download this and Other Free Beat Exclusives go to DBSBeats Soundclick Page
a DBSBeats & Shocro Production Nice lil hiphop style beat I cooked up for an beat contest Enjoy! To Download this and Other Free Beat Exclusives go to DBSBeats Soundclick Page: Follow us on T
#2 (Sub-genre)
Bounce to the mix of dubstep/trap/edm electronica! Heavy, Hard Hitting bass draps and wobbles, yet very melodic and motivational beat to give the room both hardcore and relaxing vibes all at once! Poppin both the downers and the uppers!
Peak position #45
Heavy, club banger edm remix! Enjoy!
Fear the Great Red Dragon! Rap, Hip-Hop, Trap Type Remix of one of my better beats :)
Peak in sub-genre #43
Shortened trap, hip-hop, rap type remix of my beat FRK 2 - slow tempo version :)
#15 (Sub-genre) 1
Reminds of me of the hateful 8 or some quentin tarantino type beat lol...Enjoy, free as always, if like, dl and use, please just gimme a shout out!
Peak in sub-genre #81
Dragonball Z and Super fave animes, I should have added some DBS samples in this, maybe in a remix...just reminds tho of a song goku may slowly power up to lol As always, free, enjoy if like
Peak in sub-genre #67
If like Westworld series and its music, should love this beat remix! :) Actually quite a nice little remix to freestyle on :) I love the classical mixed with the hip-hop and edm genres ;) those pianos, violins etc! Oh Yea!
Peak in sub-genre #50
Turn it Up, let it bang! :)
Peak in sub-genre #74
Just keep listening, the drop gets harder, and swear, seems to just keep getting harder! :)
Why so serious? Sit back, listen to the change ;)
Peak in sub-genre #87
EDM goodness...Just sit back, turn it up, let it in your speakers...wont be disappointed...i hope ;)
Peak position #92
HOT! Drum and Bass, General Hardcore, motivation type beat, bit short, but wait till the remix ;) Best to be banged hard with good speakers ;) Wont regret it, and as always, FREE BEAT! DL, remix, resell, just one rule, put me in the credits ;)
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