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Koto jazz is variations of Japanese koto melodies & sounds of nature with an infusion of western rhythm and jazz. I take these & my original works and play them
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something about hope.
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This song is about my relationship with my father. It is also about the effects of family legacies, good and bad; The intensity of family relationships and their powerful impact on following generations. This is about 50% of this song recording.
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Can musicians get away from the jazz/blues? It's themes and styles are so broad and sweeping, it's impossible to imagine any musical ventures completely free of jazz influences. This song is very much opposite the title, meaning "I give up trying".
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Inspired by the sound of a wind and a snow storm.
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the mystical magical Tianzi mountains in China has inspired thousands of years of artistic expression.
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I learned this one in high school when I first heard George Winston's music. A highlight was playing this one song earned me runner up at Xavier University's talent show, then I played it during the graduation ceremony.
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The breeching of a whale in Puget Sound near Seattle.
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My version of this classic American love song from the early 1900s.
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The most enjoyable horse back riding experience is flying down the coast toward Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, Oregon.
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This is a fun, eclectic koto jazz tune about one of my most memorable life experiences. My brother, Uncle Yasushi and I used to go hunting, for rhinosaurus beetles climbing trees in rural Japan. They make for popular pets in Japan.
Peak position #81 1
The powerful ebb and flow of the ocean waves as it flows into tide pools. This song reached to #2 on the Soundclick World and New Age charts.
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This song is inspired by the serenity of the ocean, being in its presence and being present to it. This original piece I wrote in my early teens which came back to me in the past year. This is an expanded version of that original melody.
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Inspired in part by the music of piano virtuoso from Toronto, Li Pui Ming. I use quite a few dissonant chords in sequence to evoke a bit of "chaos jazz".
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