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One guy, a pre-post-postmodern composer / artist / geek. (Note: All tracks are licensed so that you can play them anywhere free, even commercially!)
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Peak position #29
A song about things you encounter in dreams, and usually only in dreams.
Peak position #68
Lots of beat and percussion with a slithery synth bass and me talking over it.
Theme from a mutant western, enlivened by the calls of the swinglebots.
Peak in sub-genre #34
When the object of your desire has cut off all other access ... Fast 7/8.
Peak in sub-genre #27
Dig those orchestral arpeggios!
Peak in sub-genre #23
Lively summer fun in the plaza.
Peak in sub-genre #53
Clockwork sounds out for a stroll, but soon my synth and looping roots betray themselves.
Use this in your next major motion picture!
That kid in "The Shining" riding his HotWheels? Imagine a bunch of them.
The name comes from 'windhandel,' which is the Dutch word Eliza uses for how her commodities trading is conducted, in Stephenson's 17th century epic Baroque Cycle.
Peak in sub-genre #29
Nightmare? Humid-sounding abstract sound, good for a horror movie.
Music for quirky-yet-diligent private investigators!
Peak in sub-genre #28
Environmental sounds for a horror soundtrack.
Peak position #57
MY kind of cartoon pop music! It's an answer to Raymond Scott's "Powerhouse."
Peak in sub-genre #19
Ranges from spacey to thumpy to dreamy, all at the same tempo.
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