Richard Shrove
Rock San Clemente, CA  USA
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Richard Shrove
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Written for my beautiful daughter, Bethany.
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I'm improvising over a rock backing track (obsessive guitar content).
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For Dad, flying in heaven!
Peak in sub-genre #44
For Wendy. This one actually has a few words & it was recorded live...just acoustic guitar & me pretending to sing.
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With help from my friend Billy Keck, this is a song written for people close to me who have passed on to the next life. This is a quick live take of me on the acoustic & singing.
Peak in sub-genre #44
I wrote this to celebrate a life together with someone special.
Peak in sub-genre #41
Original version with me singing. One of my first original songs. Recorded on a 4-track in the middle of the North Atlantic with my good friend Joe Kostecke. Joe is playing keys & the drum machine.
The summer of '88 I wrote & recorded a bunch of songs with Steve & Eddie Luera. Rich(guitar, bass, drums), Steve(vocal, drums) & Eddie(keys, drums)
Peak in sub-genre #36
Summer of '88, Steve Luera singing, Eddie Luera on keys, me on guitar & bass, Roland drum machine keeping the groove. Recorded on cassette 4-track...low tech, but fun.
My old band Sunday Driver. Song written & sung by Mark Duval. Tim Klassen is on drums, Kelly Burns on Bass & I'm on guitar.
This song was written on acoustic guitar by my friend Lar Couso to be the theme song for a new reality show. Danica Thompson is playing violin & adding the sexy vocals. I added all the electric guitar, bass & drums.
Written for my dad. This is the original acoustic version.
Peak in sub-genre #15
In the studio in '91 with Generator.
Peak position #44
Work in progress. Rough mix, scratch vocals (but I love the feel). I think Howard is planning to add keys, too, which should sound great. I love the songs Howard writes & I'm honored to play guitar on his tunes. Mixed quiet, so turn up.
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LoneStar tone test, Ch1 & 2. No pedals.
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