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I'm a 29 year old guitarist and musician from Sweden. I produce electronic/alternative music in FL Studio. I also try compose classical music/game music.
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Some classic music
#18 today (Main)
Made this song for the falling meteors tonight. Free download.
#78 today (Main)
Nice techno song. Enjoy.
#11 today (Sub-genre)
Nice little song
#89 today (Sub-genre)
I tried making it sound different than my usual songs.
Peak position #79
I dont know if this is techno or electronic or dance, either way enjoy.
Peak position #35
A nice song I made, with technoish synths and bassdrum.
#39 today (Sub-genre)
Nice song I made, tried lowering the higher frequencies and adding a bit of effects.
#62 today (Sub-genre)
#6 today (Sub-genre)
Slow sounding song, even though it's 120 BPM. Comfy sound and boring, also looping after some patterns, but it could get you into a meditative state, maybe?:)
Peak position #98
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