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Daniel Bouliane
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Dak is a music collective of three persons that focus on doing shivering music that gives goose bumps and create mental images.
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Peak in sub-genre #18 1
A groovy track that have some depth and a powerful feel. This is the track number 9 on the album Remember.
Peak position #91 1
This is very beautiful track that have a childish feel but at the same time a mystical feel.Very shivering. It is track 7 on the album Remember.
Peak in sub-genre #48 1 1
A tribute to our american ancestors and to all native people in our human kind history that are the roots of our cultures...
Peak in sub-genre #66
This is an elevating track. Nice vocals and disney like mood. A must for all soundtrack lovers.
Peak in sub-genre #98
This is very emotional track inspired by a very tragic incident. It is the track 6 on the album Remember. There is a children choir in the middle part and many more great solo musicians.
Peak in sub-genre #40
The second track of the album Remember. This track is very intense and elevating. It reffers to North American Native People and their territorial ancestral rights wich have been ignored too many times...
Peak in sub-genre #32 1
This is a futuristic tune. It blends some acoustic instrument with some typical techno sequence. There is even some fiddling on cello. That was the end of the show.Some sort of a rave...people were dancing and were having fun...
Peak in sub-genre #23
This a nice moody track with tablas and some ambiant vocals. There is also some ewi...really rare instrument.
Peak in sub-genre #90
This a very special and unique sounding track. It is all organic sounds...real vocals, violins cello etc. It very harmonic and inspire us many mental images.
Peak in sub-genre #58
A beautiful nylon guitar track. In memory of my grand father.
Peak in sub-genre #88
Very spcy track but also very classy. It is evocative of some images of the cosmos. This is the track number 8 on the album Remember
This is a moody track with a gentle feel that could let you imagine beeing under water. This is track 5 on the album Remember.
Peak in sub-genre #94
This is a futuristic track with an organic sound, very unique.4th track on the album Remember.
Peak in sub-genre #50
This track is giving us some grandiose mood for us to imagine how wonderful is the giant planet Jupiter.
Peak in sub-genre #72
This is the first track of the album Remember. This is a very unique sounding track with vocals as a pad. It is in the same ambience as Brian Eno, but very unique and shivering. This track was also use in another version in a Film.
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