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Peak position #49
Country Artist, Johnny Mac Cates, getting great satisfaction playing Country Music in all the great places in the USA.
Peak in sub-genre #20 2 1
“When You Are At Your Lowest, With No Sign Of Help, Your Strong Religious Faith And Trust Can Pull You Through And Your Eyes Can See Signs Just Tailored For You Through The Miracle Of Prayer!”
Peak in sub-genre #54
Truck-driving, Country Gospel Artist, Jacki G, shares her faith in this song and is a true believer in the power of Our Lord Jesus. We often take our gifts for granted and ignore Our Savior until our world starts coming apart at the seams. Throu
Peak in sub-genre #20 1
A Great Country Studio Demo Of God’s Only Son Jesus Who Gave His Life For Us
Peak position #41
Artist, Bud Perry Live On Location With, Tear Drops Beside My Pillow. Whenever Bud Did This Song The Dance Floor Filled To Overcapacity. It's A Great Song To Snuggle Up To On The Dance Floor.
Peak in sub-genre #75
Country Artist Roxie RJ Praises Prayer, Through Our Lord Jesus, As One Of The Greatest Healing Powers In The World. “Sometimes The Only Hope”
Peak position #55
An Attractive Glimpse Of Femininity; Cherished By Her Adoring Suitors!
Peak position #39 1
“How Can Anyone Be So Happy As This Dude; Me Thinks He’s In Love!”
Peak position #8
Three Tiny Recordings Made In A Sidewalk Recording Studio In New York City In 1952
Peak position #18 2
A Children's Song For All The Little Kiddies www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZfMhpT2OlE
Peak in sub-genre #37
Wimin’ Are Like An Assortment Of Fine Chocolates With Each One Lookin’ Better Than The Next
Peak in sub-genre #33
The Lament And The Heart Break Of A First Love! First loves are always so special and really hard to forget when its over!
Peak position #47
A Nice 50’s Classical Love Song Reminiscent Of Barbara Streisand Greatness! Although Barbara Never Did This Song; Often Wondered What A Hit It Might Have Been!
Peak in sub-genre #26
A Beautiful Country Love Song Straight From The Heart! Beautiful Dreams Help Make It Through Each Day!
Peak position #81
A Beautiful Country Gospel Song Dedicated To Everyones Well Being! Like to believe our prayers are like bullets directly to God with our requests inside them, and that our requests will be answered!
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