the noodles
Electronic Oakland, CA  USA
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the noodles go from a whisper to a verb: sample sound collages of text, found sound, beats, acoustic instruments and electronics
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Peak in sub-genre #66
How can anyone survive their first painting if it's called "The Dead Man"? Isn't that a big red flag?
Peak in sub-genre #77
erik ehn sang the intro to an unwritten song into a cell phone and held it to the mic. we could not let it stop there. we simply could not.
Peak in sub-genre #81
Well he lost his hearing when he was a child. My poor mom, all alone in that apartment with a sick boy. I had gone to nursing school and she was by herself and they wouldn't let me see them. He had scarlet fever and was bleeding from his left ear.
Buoyant, despite the heavy boots. Turning slowly, kelp in the foyer, taking in the terrain, sticky little spheres of air mirroring my nostrils. I can see you calling to me from the surface. I want to stay. I have to go. Want to. Have to. Alright.
For scale, a rake was near the front that had tines spaced four or five inches apart. The space between each tine represented a million years.
That train corridor from D.C. to Penn Station is like looking at a giant's backside as he slowly sinks toward you.
Peak in sub-genre #59
If I give you the money, I know where you'll spend it.
Peak in sub-genre #65
Mentioned north, mentioned south. Mentioned east, but not very. Never mentioned west, because we are west. If you go wester you drown.
Girl gives Dismantler Bad Car. Dismantler gives Girl Two Bills. Girl gives Two Bills to Bike Guy. Girl rides home with No Hands.
I'm working on a poem called Math In The Sky, after watching a streetman doing sums in the air like chalk to a chalkboard and noticing him make a mistake. I fretted about it, since I could see he was going astray and his total would be off.
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