Jazz Sacramento, CA  USA
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Vinnie V. - Saxophonist, Multi Instrumentalist, Composer, Performer, and Audio Engineer from Sacramento, California. Records music from Jazz, Funk, Pop, RnB, an
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Peak position #63
Fast paced Modern Jazz - Emulated jazz band instrumentation, propelled by live acoustic swing drums and synth keyboard bass. Featuring Soloist ~ Vinnie V. on Keyboard Synthesizer !
Album: Peak position #90 1
Sexy Tenor Sax Solo combined with complimentry Distorted Electric Guitar over a bed of Latin Drums Served with a glass of ice cold AGUA DULCE (Sweet Water). BUY AGUA DULCE FULL VERSION at
Album: Peak position #98 2 1
Title song from Vinnie V. off the album Not Lately, Tenor Sax served Hot with a Funky Cool Jazz sauce over a pad of melodic Harmony and a side of Vocals by Vinnie V.
Album: Peak in sub-genre #42 1
Sexy Tenor Saxophone By Vinnie V. with a "Cool Jazz" Funky Taste ! BUY BRIGHT EYES at
Peak position #77 1
This song blends Jazz, Pop, R&B, and Disco into a fun sophisticated song you can move your hips or clap your hands to!
Peak position #95 2
This song is an instrumental with a POP/R&B flavor featuring a grand piano and funky synth bass.
Album: Peak position #76 1
Smooth Jazz Soprano Sax Ballad with a Sea of Fresh Soulful Riffs over California Coastal Beats and Rhythms (Instrumental)
Peak position #87 1
A soothing baby grand piano played over a sea bed of fresh "New Age" percussive textures, infused with familiar mechanical rhythms, that together bring yet another blend of instrumental music.
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