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Brayo is a Kenyan born rapper/producer, based in Miami Florida. Being one of the few rappers who represent his original country, Brayo boasts about his origins,
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REAL ISH. This song is called payday. Starts of as an ordinary song then I switch the topic in the middle of the second verse to make things interesting. An original beat with original lyrics. This is for 254. Nairobi love.
This song is for the people chasing there dreams by any means. The song is called get mine. One of my favorite songs. Used a trap beat, but the lyrics aint about trappin. An original beat with original lyrics. If your chasing your dreams, this is you
Wrote this song when I was sleeping in the car. The song is just me literally putting my instant thoughts into paper. This will be is also a snipet of the intro to the upcoming mixtape Nairobi Love. And ofcourse its produced by me
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