Joaquin Taboada
World Navarra, Spain
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Music of the new age for a new century Alive with brushstrokes of Basque Country folk intimate and full of feelings.
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Guitarra electrica: Juanjo Ojeta; Saxofon soprano: Carlos Castillo; Didgeridoos, Birimbao: Rafael Gabriel Ezquerro
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Acordeon: Javier Lopez Jaso; Whistle, Oboe: Iigo Oses; Jesus Vicente Trincado: Requinto
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Violoncello: David Johnstone; Oboe y flauta: Iigo Oses; Violines: Katia Jaime y Sara Blasco
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Acordeon: Fran Idareta
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Voz: Maria Zamora, sobre una poesia de Luis Villafranca (In memoriam)
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NEW REMIXED VERSION. Like smoke rising upright.Like wind flying without chains, attracting circles of love from above. Free bird… with no ties. Watching deserts, forests and cities. With no fear….. free. Where would you say freedom is?
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Grabada en directo en el Auditorio Francisco de Jasso en Javier, Navarra, Spain. Interpretada por el grupo Camerata de Pamplona
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The great singer Christine Silvera has made this version of my Light of Earendil. Amazing...
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This is a voyage to other sounds. An imaginary voyage to far away places, melting several cultures in one same song, including exotic voices and sounds. How easy it is to imagine a better world in just one song!
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Pieza para violonchelo y acordeon interpretada por David Johnstone y Javier Lopez Jaso. Con influencias minimalistas de Michael Nyman o Philip Glass
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