Derek Fiechter
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I am a self-taught music composer who loves creating beautiful landscapes and magical realms with music.
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Peak in sub-genre #82
Beautiful, enchanting music about fairies who live deep in a magical forest. This fairy dance music has a Celtic touch to it and moves at a fast pace. Dance to it at your own risk....
Fantasy music about a magic forest where beautiful nymphs live.
Beautiful music about a magical well which grants wishes.
Beautiful Celtic music about an underwater city where mermaids live.
Epic music about pirates sailing all across the Caribbean and attacking anything they see.
Peak in sub-genre #93
Epic action music about Norse myths and legends. Valkyries, dragons, icy landscapes, dark forests, magical villages, and more are awaiting you on this wonderful adventure.
Medieval fantasy music picturing the good and bad times of Camelot.
Celtic forest music about a forest meeting of mythical creatures and powerful wizards.
Celtic music about a beautiful, enchanting Elven kingdom. This epic adventure music will take you into deep forests and hidden villages. The journey starts now....
Epic battle music about a dwarf prince who defends his city against a goblin raid.
Celtic medieval music about a high mountain where dragons live. This epic adventure music will take your mind back to an era where dragons roamed freely across the land.
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