Before the Coruscating Apollyon
Electronic Belgium
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Dark ambient, perhaps funeral ambient. Still slowing down and reaching for deeper abysses, evolving into funeral doom.
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Peak in sub-genre #31
Instrumental excerpt from the entire 18 minute song. Imagine 'Shanghai III' on a deep undercurrent of bass guitars.
Peak in sub-genre #99
Instrumental version
Peak in sub-genre #61
Working session - 2 layers of bass guitar have been added. Best listened to as hi-fi through headphones or decent speakers.
Peak in sub-genre #28
A 5 minute extract from the full version. All low end below 52 Hz has been filtered out, but still it's advisable to listen to it through headphones or good hi-fi speakers.
Peak in sub-genre #26
After a 1-minute intro, an evocation of the almost claustrophobic melancholy often found in wintry days
Peak in sub-genre #25
Full length rehearsal track 'Guilt Trip'
A 20% excerpt from the rehearsal track 'Failed to get a solid grip'
Peak in sub-genre #28 1
For the moment without the essential bass part or vocals, but that's the whole idea, I try to show the whole growing process. And I'm 9000 kilometers away from my main equipment anyway... *Streaming only since this is a work in progress, sorry
Peak in sub-genre #45 2
Monotonous expression of regret about a wasted life. For the moment, the vocals are without any effects hence the sometimes 'dry' sound.
Peak in sub-genre #71
A sketch of the first part of "Silence", for the moment purely instrumental.
Peak in sub-genre #23 1
First time I've chosen to use lyrics in Flemish rather than their translation into English.
Peak in sub-genre #42
Peak in sub-genre #24
A foretaste of what's to come, quite a difference from any previous songs. It gives a good idea of the 'new style'.
Peak in sub-genre #35
For the moment purely instrumental, but I'm thinking of adding some whispered parts in the background to it.
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