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The Dynamite Daniel Project was started in 2003 under the leadership of singer, songwriter, and guitarist Daniel Isaac Roberts and has thrived ever since. The s
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Peak in sub-genre #31
This song talks about how evil Satan the devil is and why it's better to choose Jesus over him.
This song talks about a love gone bad between a man and his woman.
Peak in sub-genre #30
This song explains the pleasures and challenges that come from dating outside of our ethnic groups. It also talks about how our society tends to make interracial dating a big issue when it really isn't.
This song explains how equal rights in America has only been given to some citizens and not all. This is the reason why we must continue to fight racism and racial injustice.
This song talks about standing your ground for what you know is right and true. There are a lot of things in society that may seem appealing or attractive in the eyes of man, but in the later run, it was all just vanity.
Peak in sub-genre #66
When I wrote this song I was just thinking of alot of the crappy rock music that we have today. No one's being original anymore; one band is copying off of another band.
This is the new and improved version of "The Lone Wanderer." The sound is better, the instruments are tighter, and the vocals are more mellower. This version of my song "The Lone Wanderer" will really rock you out!
Peak in sub-genre #94
This is the re-recorded and remastered version of my hit song "Memories." The tempo is faster, the vocals are stronger, the guitar riffs are heavier, the bass riffs are more edgy, and the drums are more convincing than the original.
Peak in sub-genre #44
In this song, I'm putting myself in an army man's boots as I talk about fighting to keep my country safe from terrorism and hoping to make it home alive. I make my plea with the Lord in this song to keep me safe from danger.
Peak in sub-genre #50
This song is based on I Peter 4:5 and Jude 5-7. Both scriptures pertain to the very final day when all men shall be judged according to their deeds, which will determine if they will be able to spend eternity in the lake of fire or in heaven.
This is a revised version of my classic song "Day Of Revolution" featured on my greatest hits record "THE BEST OF DYNAMITE DANIEL."
Peak in sub-genre #71
This is a revised version of my classic song "Thrash 'N' Burn" featured on my greatest hits record "THE BEST OF DYNAMITE DANIEL."
This is the second track off of my record "Money Doesn't Make The Man." The song falls in line with track 1, "Matthew 6:24," as it explains how the love of money is the root of all evil and that we must choose to serve God or mammon (money).
Peak in sub-genre #56
This is the sixth and final track off of my record, "Money Doesn't Make The Man." This is a heart-piercing song that talks about the evils of greed and how much we need our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to cleanse us from this sin.
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