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Electronic experimental darkwave synthpop - sometimes dark, sometimes dance, sometimes something else.
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Peak in sub-genre #66
This is the more "pop / dance" side of NURVIS. Upbeat synthpop with a catchy chorus (with a touch of melancholy thrown in for good measure).
Peak in sub-genre #29
A mid-tempo and somewhat dark synthpop song about losing faith in someone after too many empty apologies.
Peak in sub-genre #66
A dark, driving, mid-tempo song with veiled references to childhood fears and parental abuse.
Peak in sub-genre #52
A new track from our upcoming second album. Dark and moody during the verse, but more synthpop when the chorus comes around.
This is the first NURVIS song. The idea was from a song I wrote in 1989. That version had lyrics and vocals by my sister, Julie. When NURVIS was formed, I re-did the music, and Susan added some of her own lyrics and vocal melody ideas.
Musically, a melancholy feel with a slightly industrial beat. Lyrically, it's a tale of betrayal and love lost, by someone who never desevered the chance in the first place.
Peak in sub-genre #68
Uptempo, with breakbeat and techno/trance elements. This is the first song for our upcoming second album. Lyrically, it's about car accidents and the walking dead.
A high energy track, interspersed with spoken word discussions of astrological theory, and Susan's melodic vocals on the choruses.
Peak in sub-genre #71
This one might scare those who are easily offended. Dark, angry up-tempo music matched up with often explicit lyrics, that tells the story of a monster of an ex-boyfriend. Vitriolic and thereputic.
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