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The ultimate Worm Quartet ex-girlfriend song.
Peak position #6 5
The most evil song Worm Quartet has ever created. Recorded live with Shoebox in his full mullet-swinging glory at Monty's Krown in Rochester, NY.
Peak position #14
A celtic synth-rock ode to my vasectomy. Based on a true story - the b*** iness of my wife has been exaggerated for comedy purposes.
My wife was walking around the house singing this, and I decided it needed to be a song, so I made it one.
Peak position #18
A techno-pop-metal treatise on religion, politics, sex, pop culture, and throat lozenges. Oh so many throat lozenges. Contains what is, without a doubt, the best sing-along chorus I've ever written, and a cameo by Luke Ski.
Peak position #3 5 1
Worm Quartet's reaction to the neutering of the Cookie Monster (i.e. 'C Is For Cookie' and 'A Cookie Is A Sometime Food') and what it says about how parents like to deflect their responsibilities.
Peak position #22 1
Bunches of people have expressed to me their fears that I may somehow breed. This is my response. "A f***ing brilliant piece of work IMHO...may be comedy music's best-ever song about the urge for reproduction." - Dr. Demento
Peak position #2
An incredibly stupid song about the blessed yellow maze-dwelling ghost eater who brings me such joy.
Peak position #13 1
Worm Quartet's greatest hit...the second most requested song of 2002 on the Dr. Demento show. A twisted tale of a drummer who refuses to leave a band.
Peak position #24 1
My first-ever collaboration with rap dementia semi-legend Sudden Death! A schizophrenic success story.
Peak position #30 1
Inspired by the plethora of crappy websites out there - 90% of every website on the Internet that isn't porn is pictures of people and their friggin' cats. Is this really necessary?
Peak position #31 1
A technoriffic ode to a former roommate's mullet droppings. From the Sumophobia remix album, Sumophobia Alpha 2 EX Super Championship Turbo Edition
Peak position #21 1
A cover of Tony Goldmark's immortal children's song "I Know You're A Fish," updated with a choral goth ska punk metal whatever kinda whatsit to make it sound like, well, Worm Quartet. The Great Luke Ski appears as the Judge.
Peak position #23 1
A loving tender far-too-Ramonesesque punk epic discussing the various places in which one might find a deceased puppet. A relic from back when I had a band...features Kevin Morgan on guitars and Ben Dean programming the drums. Remastered!
Peak in sub-genre #31
Part of the 17-song 4-and-a-half-minute "Short Bus Suite." I figure everyone can relate to this one.
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