Anthony Lynn Powers
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he best description of myself would be this, He was born in Hawaii, grew up in southern California with a surf board in my hand. At age 29 move to Oregon, fel
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We all deal with tragedy in different ways, I write songs to help me cope with the situation. This is for all the young innocent lives lost at Sandy Hood Elementary School and for the teachers that tried to protect them.
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What you would like to put on your outgoing message.
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When things get rough a walk on the beach always helps
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Beach Bar, Jimmy Buffett, Booze and Mermaids, Join the party.
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This is a Parrothead song, If you know what that means you will understand the song.
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Sometimes you don't start out listening to Country Music, but if you live in the right place, you will
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I saw a tall ship sitting in a field 57 miles from the ocean. There was a wood cross in the ground beside it. I could not find out why it was there, I said it was just sailing into the past. When I got home I made up the story.
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A place where many of us live our lives on a daily basis.
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If you have ever been asked, "how does this look on me" then you will understand. If you do relate to this then, I feel your pain.
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Life on the Road
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When you find out someone is cheating on you, here is how to handle it.
Just a thought on how the world could be a better place.
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When a picture has been on the wall for a long time the paint around it will fade. When you remove the picture you will still see the ouline of where the picture was on the wall. If it was you and the one you love now it just becomes a memory
For all the songwriters that stay up way to late trying to get it on paper.
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