Clivey Macdougall
World Edinburghworldcanaries, United Kingdom
Thank you!
Wrote the jist of this ages ago so I may finish it one day or maybe leave to others to think about for just a second.
#3 today (Sub-genre)
Short and probably not too sweet, kitty makes with the tongue
#9 today (Main)
Updated version,""
#4 today (Main)
More dirty takes with crap gear tee hee
#8 today (Main)
A LITTLE OUTING FOR KITTY THE SOPRANO.* thats only at the fade out lol , GRUNGY COVER OF THE BREAD CLASSIC probably more owed to the Grover Washington version.
#21 today (Main)
Just did this for a laugh but I do like the sax in it Google "cliveymacdougall" ," blue on shock" or "cliveyx" Also quite a lot of 80s bio on the Blue on shock Soundcloud pages
#25 today (Main)
ruff ruff ruff n dirty little take will redo.
#2 today (Sub-genre)
#5 today (Sub-genre)
found this oldie on a disused hard drive from circa 2012 or therearounds.
#4 today (Sub-genre)
#2 today (Sub-genre)
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