DC SpaceDog
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DC SpaceDog is an award winning singer / songwriter and piano player with a very broad interest in several musical genre including pop, adult contemporary, jazz
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#48 (Sub-genre)
Collaborator(s): DC SpaceDog
Marching Band and Chorus arrangement of the proposed Service Song of the U. S. Space Force
Peak position #4 1
A classic blues song about the unappreciated Federal civil servants.
Peak position #9
A soothing melody of a guiding beacon to lead us home in troubled times
Peak position #11
A patriotic song about our great nation
Peak position #8
Come rock with Parker Solar Probe and touch the sun
Peak position #2 1
A Latin Beguine with Greek instruments in memory of Mom
Peak position #7 1
An up tempo reminder to keep looking up when times get tough
Peak position #7
A Peacekeeper's prayer for calm and restraint in the face of rising tensions
Peak position #7 1
An SC # 1 Country pop song paying homage to the true meaning of Thanksgiving
Peak position #18 1
A driving rock tune about finally finding your true love destiny
Peak position #9 1
Inspirational song of the 2017 Solar Eclipse
Peak position #6 1
If your heart is true, someday you may find Love Eternally (#1 SC Adult Contemporary song)
Peak position #35 1
Moonlight shines through my bedroom window inspiring dreams of endless love
Peak position #62 1
A spiritual song describing an artist's inspiration
Peak position #43 1
A positive Hard Rock song to help you Seize the Day!!
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