Carl And Irma Brown And The Stones Of Fire
Country Louisville, KY  USA
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Carl was born in Mt. Eden, KY. He is a unique and different performer and is very strong in his delivery and is very entertaining to watch. He plays the rhythm
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Peak position #63
Song about the life and death of Whitney Houston
Peak in sub-genre #52
Song about when Merle Haggard left prison and what he felt and experienced.
Peak position #1 2
Interesting Twist on Wonder Woman
Love song
Peak in sub-genre #11 2
Song bragging about girlfriend
Song about someone married to a woman truck driver
Peak in sub-genre #73 1
Play on words. He says he doesn't want to dance with her but he really does.
Peak in sub-genre #14 1
Rock style song about a Motorcycling woman who eventually has a wreck and goes to heaven. Fun lively song... not a ballad
Peak in sub-genre #72 1
Light-hearted love song
Peak in sub-genre #73 1
Dark song portraying the Devil as an outlaw in the west. Stylistically like Ghost Riders in the Sky
Song about how two people met and fell in love while one worked at Walmart
Peak in sub-genre #56 1
Beautiful song about making the most of a moment in time
Peak in sub-genre #45 1
Great religious song
Peak position #84 1
tribute to the American Military
Peak in sub-genre #85 1
About a man falsely accused in prison with a twist ending
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