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#10 (Main) 5 8
Collaborator(s): DECORT
A collab I did with a friend called Jan Petersen. He did the backing and wrote the lyrics. I added the electric guitars and vocals and did the final mix.
Peak position #9 12 17
A song with spoken word in the verse. I was struggling with the lyrics, but when I started reading it aloud instead of singing, it fell into place.
#14 (Sub-genre) 10 19
Pure rock'n roll in this one. Just hammering out the riffs..
Peak position #10 14 21
This song is about someone I met once, maybe we all know her kind: Never satisfied with what she's got, always looking for something better.
Peak position #8 10 20
An older idea for a song, an electronic style ballad, that I finally got to finish. I added some synths, guitars and percussion. The vocals and opening guitar theme are the original ones.
Peak position #8 13 21
This is a hybrid of different genres, I guess. Progressive folkrock? The lyrics are about being blinded by love.
Peak position #12 16 18
A song for the 2018 Clickers Club Tribal Challenge
Peak position #3 10 21
My niece, who is a writer and a poet, put some words on her FaceBook profile. I asked her if I could use them for a song and she agreed. I will leave up to you, what you get out of the words.
Peak position #3 9 21
An older song, that I gave a brush up, adding new vocals and harmony voices and a new mix. The lyrics are about how strange, but beautiful life is.
Peak position #4 15 21
This song was jammed up on my Telecaster that I used for all the guitar work in this piece. Not easy to label, but it has some blues and rock in it, so it ended in Blues Rock.
Peak position #11 11 23
A song about hiding out and how that doesn't work :) New version uploaded on August 25th 2018.
Peak position #9 17 20
The person in this song is offered a chance, but he is not sure he wants to take it.
Peak position #4 27 25
A song I wrote for myself and all my friends in music :)
Peak in sub-genre #35 5 5
A collab with my friend Knud Erik Jensen, also known as Ziggophon. We aimed for something sounding like electronic pop from the 80's, especially from American crime shows like Miami Vice. Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Z1_z5Oadao
Peak position #5 13 20
One of my older songs, that means a lot to me. There was a time when I was that guy in the song.
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