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Jered Caywood
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Peak position #63
multitrack song
magnavibe pedal
Spaghetti Western Fuzz pedal
#23 (Sub-genre)
(new recording) Spaghetti Western (fuzz enters song just before 1 minute)
gain cranked for a fat grungy fuzz sound
Notice how the pedal sounds more like distortion than fuzz when you turn the guitar volume down to about 9.
Peak in sub-genre #2
deep heavy blues
Big fuzz sound! great for playing White Stripes
gain at minimum then at halfway
Dynamic Distortion Device (DDD): gain: 3:00, tone: 3:00. Guitar: fat-strat (bridge humbucker) Amp- Fender Super Reverb. Amp volume: about 2. mic: sm58. (picking- fingers and thumbpick)
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