Stefan Leipziger
Jazz Hochheim, Germany
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Composer & performer of smooth guitar music, Latin Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Bossa Nova, acoustic guitar, Original Soundtracks, Music for Relaxation
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Peak position #12
Well, the title says it all... ;-) This composition can be found on the soundtrack of the American Movie "Therapy" (2013), directed by Ryan Tillotson.
Peak position #7 2
Like a small boy climbing a tree, slowly and carefully, step by step. Then he feels the the joy and the excitement of the movement, a big smile on his face. But in the end, he has to come down again, carefully and slowly, step by step.
Peak position #84 1 1
A new smooth version of one of my best songs. I recorded it with my electric archtop guitar. The original version (a Soundclick TOP 50 song) with acoustic guitar can still be found on this page. I wonder which version you like best!
Peak position #22 1
A modern Bossa composition in the tradition of the great Bossa Nova musicians! Best Chart Positions: # 1 of the Jazz charts on # 2 of the Latin Jazz charts on # 7 of the Latin Jazz charts on
Peak in sub-genre #20
Peak in sub-genre #28
Played on an ES 335. The backing track was made with with Band in a Box.
Peak position #42
Sometimes you enjoy something so much that you simply have to say: "It's soooo nice!" Best Chart Position: #6 in Latin Jazz
Peak position #43 2
Again, I tried to pay tribute to that great master of Bossa Nova, Antonio C. Jobim with his minimalistic way of playing the piano. But - of course - the guitar has always been my first love :-))) Best chart position so far: # 8 in Bossa Nova
Peak position #89
A Jazz waltz: "1 2 3 / 1 2 3 " ;-)
Peak position #49 1
Dedicated to a young man in search of his (!) guitar! ;-)))
Peak position #91 1
This new version again is dedicated to my little friend Billie, who brings so much joy to my life!
Peak in sub-genre #27 1
Good mood music -)))
Peak position #87
It's really nice to be helpful and kind. But sometimes people take advantage of you. Then, there is ony one thing left to say: Not With Me!
Peak in sub-genre #91
A smooth ballad about a hopeless situation
Peak position #13 6 1
One of my best compositions ever! Now available on :-)))))) Best chart position: # 1 in the Latin Jazz Charts @ # 5 in the Latin Jazz Charts @ (so far ;-)
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