Velkro Merkin
Blues Puyallup, WA  USA
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Velkro Merkin is a blues-rock-progressive-whatever jam-band. Jeff, Pat, Chris, Marc and Bill all play whatever instruments they feel like in the moment.
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CC Summer mellow thing. Recorded live: Jeff - Keyboard/bass keys, vocal commentary. Pat - Congos. Marc - Guitar (right). Bill - Guitar (Left).
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Recorded semi-live
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Outtakes from Friday, first night of the May 2016 jam. Actual songs didn't start to happen until Saturday.
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Another "Recorded live, vocals added while still drunk" hit from Velkro Merkin, now 1000% more creepy!
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With Special Guest Keyboardist Alex.
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Everything but the vocals were recorded live. And drunk as usual.
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A song about songs that ROCK!
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All instruments recorded live with 2 mics, vocals in 2 overdubs with same 2 mics. And yes, we were drinking.
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Recorded live except for the vocal, which was one take with no edits. Tequila was involved.
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Instruments recorded live in one room, vocal were overdubs. Video is up on youtube so you can watch our drunken fun.
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