Duane Clancy (aka) Clanloch
Country Atkins, AR  USA
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#35 (Sub-genre)
A three-way collaboration between (dustymason), Kyle Patrick (ballyhoot), and Duane Clancy for the FAWM.org 2013. A gut-bucket electric blues with a flare
Peak in sub-genre #29
A worship song based on Galations 2:20 The song is designed for use by a piano, but since I can't play piano (and I can't dance either) I did a simple version on guitar so it would be easier to adapt to piano
Peak position #63
little ditty about what you sometimes get when you look for love in a club
#72 (Sub-genre)
Created from a FAWM.org 2013 collab between Cheryl Hodgins and Duane Clancy. The story of John and Lorena Bobbit ... from a deep ... way deep southern perspective
Peak in sub-genre #22
Put together for a random collab on FAWM.org 2013 ... Duane Clancy and Michael Aquino teamed up and blasted this one out. Duane did the lyrics, bass, and some backing vocal while Michael did the composition, vocal, and backing vocal
Peak position #64
Created from the 50/90 forums, this is a fun little ditty about a girl who finally "had" enough ...
Peak position #27
Hard hitting thrash metal coming from across the pond
Peak position #45
Peak in sub-genre #38
challenge by G Slade in the 50/90 to see how many different takes he could get on his lyric.
Peak in sub-genre #44
Busy country/jazzy piece created by Thetau for 50/90 and lyricafied by Duane Clancy.
Peak position #47
Created for the 2012 50/90 ... this is a collab between Arthur Rossie and Duane Clancy
Peak position #27
Peak position #49
Peak position #58
Created for FAWM 2012 ... Errol took this lyric and made it a "genre" challenge for all comers ... this is Fuzzys own jug band version
Peak position #79
Created for FAWM 2012 ... Errol took this lyric and made it a "genre" challenge for all comers ... this is TimmyRiordans own jazz/bossa version
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