The Square Peg
Rock Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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The Square Peg
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Punk,Rock,Mental,Thrash,Blues,Loud Guitars,Square Peg,Stranded Records.
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Album: ECHOES OF WAR Peak in sub-genre #5
A quiet beginning that explodes into a fast rocky beat punctuated by blistering guitars and powerful drums
Album: ECHOES OF WAR Peak in sub-genre #44
a punky sing a long that became my anthem when i sang this in the pub a lot of people think it's a bit like the jam! wasn't meant to be!
Album: ECHOES OF WAR Peak in sub-genre #86
A fast heavy no messin' rockin' rythym and blues i call this (my status quo phase) a good song
Album: ECHOES OF WAR Peak in sub-genre #57
a heavy brooding dance song that rocks!!! a few things were added to the background on this one almost sounds like whales it wasn't intentional it just came out that way
Album: ECHOES OF WAR Peak in sub-genre #33
starts with a helicopter and warning message then throbs along with drum machine/heavy bass/and guitars and a few effects thrown in
Album: ECHOES OF WAR Peak in sub-genre #53
starts as a basic 12 string blue's song then blasts into screaming guitars that leave you breathless
Album: REGENERATION Peak in sub-genre #20
Who Are You is an even paced song which gets the foot tapping straight away, it’s your classic you think you know better than me song, “but we know different don’t we boys” and you can hear all the instruments which I personally like, good opener.
Album: REGENERATION Peak in sub-genre #59
your typical Blair/Bush anti songs, (and rightly so) set at a slightly faster pace which gets you the listener ready to put your beer down and get your arse on the floor.
Album: REGENERATION Peak in sub-genre #70
“Some call me the Reaper some call me god”, life or death it don’t matter as there is no getting away from the fact that punk songs like this one will follow you wherever you are.
Album: REGENERATION Peak in sub-genre #56
almost 2 minutes short, this number takes you back to when those who had control of your upbringing felt they let you down, some did no doubt, but another, get on the floor we want some more.
f*** Franz Ferdinand I really would, it’s one of those songs that causes you more grief than you would imagine, it’s a clever number which embeds itself into your mind the more you listen to it and when you are in the presence of the most unexpected
Album: REGENERATION Peak in sub-genre #55
Classic punk rock song and my album fav, nice pacy number that will be on the tip of your tongue for sure. The message here is where I come from it’s a sh*** hole life is sh*** and that’s that, listen to it and enjoy.
Album: REGENERATION Peak in sub-genre #38 1
remember when everyone around you would tell you that they knew best? This song takes you there and makes you realise that thank god you didn’t listen to those opinions, very good usage of the brass here too.
Album: REGENERATION Peak in sub-genre #48
lest we forget the awful consequences of what happened on that fateful day in Hiroshima. This song gives us a short story into what happened on that god forsaken day, just wish the idiots who run countries would see that light. Great number, though
the only cover on the album and a very good one too, I’m sure the Damned will be delighted, tough if they ain’t
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