Tom Byrne
Rock Congleton, United Kingdom
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Progressive, melodic, heavily orchestrated rock with celtic and space rock influences
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Peak position #10 3
A taster for Modal Logic's 'Chemical Armageddon' project. Music by James Hodkinson, lyrics by Hodkinson / Byrne. Guitar arrangements by Croogy.
Peak in sub-genre #3 4 2
A cover of the neglected Hawklords classic from 1978. Vox, Acoustic Guitar, Bass - Xoovian, Assassin and sometime Modal Logician Dr James Hodkinson; Keyboards and Production Modal Logician Professor Tom Byrne
Peak position #4
Inspired by the tale of the last pagan prophet Merlin Ambrosius,who released the red and white dragons and prophesied the doom of Britain. Got to #1 in its category.
Peak in sub-genre #1
An Easter collaboration with the Assassins of Silence's James Hodkinson - a cover from one of the musical monuments of the 20th Century - Hawkwind's PXR5 album.
Peak position #8 2
This is a cover (with permission from the composer, Nik Turner) of a classic Hawkwind song. Kevin Perry ( vocals, guitars, bass, drums. Tom Byrne: all synths and samplers. Got to #1 in Classic Rock
Peak position #2 3
This is an extended version of 'Lost Times', covering several musical modes. This got to #2 in Soundclick Classical.
Peak in sub-genre #1 1
A cover of a Hawkwind song from 1983 - collaboration with James Hodkinson (lead guitar, vox). If you like this consider donating at This got #1 in Rock Cover Songs.
Peak position #22 1
There's nothing like a good f-f-f-fibonacci series. Please play this as loudly as you can, like the family opposite. Got to #3 in its category
Peak position #5 1
Voracious nanobots take over the world. Michael Blackman (Alien Dream & Space Mirrors): guitars, Tim Pringle: vocals, Tom Byrne: keyboards. Got to #2 in its category.
Peak position #17 3 1
Post-apocalyptic, minimum-meme broadcasting - from the 'Chemical Armageddon' concept. All voices James Hodkinson, all instruments Tom Byrne - you have to put up with my guitar till Croogy gets back on line.
Peak position #21 1
Radio Edit - Croog's best mix yet, imho. Live at the Spacerock Spectacular, Bicester, 30th Sept 2005. Recorded by Colin Allen
Peak in sub-genre #2 1
The Hawkwind Bradbury-inspired bopper, played by Modal Logic at the Space Rock Spectacular, Bicester, 30th September 2005. Recorded by Colin Allen, produced by Craig Gregory. This got to #2 in Rock Cover Songs.
Peak position #6 1
In traumatic 6th century Britain, Taliesin the bard takes his leave from the plague ravaged court of Prince Maglocunus. Got to #2 in its category.
Peak position #4 2
A song about the renaissance of Trentham, Staffordshire, where I was born. Now with vocals by Henry Tarnecky ( Lyrics written by Vincent Byrne. Got to #1 in its category.
Peak in sub-genre #58 1
This track was recorded at Hawkfest 2003, Garstang, Lancs. Michael Blackman - guitar, Tom Byrne keyboards.
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