Eleven Reasons
Classical Kitchener, Canada
Thank you!
Transforming every feeling and thought into a musical masterpiece.
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Peak position #8
Peak position #29 1
Peak position #27 2
Song is full length, but is still in process of Mastering, Transitioning, Percussive Drums & Effects addition, and Vocal Input.
Peak position #31 1
Composition is still in progress. Just Strings and Brass Orchestra in this Sample. Enjoy!
Peak position #55
The Composition is still in progress, this is just a sample with Violas, Cello's, and String Orchestra Ensembles, also with a light Choir Backing using the Cinesamples VOXOS.
Peak position #57
Ambient / Epic Composition, made to fit a Video Game Score. Soon to add Effects & Vocal Choir Ensemble. Enjoy the Composition.
Peak position #43
Just a test of Cinesamples Orchestral Strings & Drums of War 2, and now Cinesamples Voxos.The Composition is still in progress.
Peak position #27 1 1
Thank You for tuning in! Enjoy the composition.
No Download until full completion.
Peak in sub-genre #35 1
Thank You for tuning in! Enjoy the composition.
Peak position #73
Thank You for tuning in! Enjoy the composition.
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