HipHop Brooklyn, NY  USA
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Peak in sub-genre #8
need I say more?
This is a fire re-make by me and my mans DS and Pressure (aka burton) the '04 version, let's get it poppin!
Peak in sub-genre #96
It's nothin for me to rip him again
Some just straight gutter like 20+ bars of just killin da beat. This shit is tough, listen!
Just a couple bars over da bridge 2001 beat.... fire though, peep that
Peak in sub-genre #51
Yea this a hot track only took about 30 minutes to do.... but it's FIRE! It's genius featurin me... He's first I'm second, then him, then me last.
Just a lil somethin I was flexin over, haven't put a joint in a minute. This joint is gonna be on the new Yung Mynds Mixtape.... it'll drop hopefully next year srping
Had to holla @ genius for dis one... anotha hot track nigga. this one right here is pure fire!!! It's Me First Then Genius
The vocals are louder in this one... so it's more clearer... I hope. But yea check it out tell me what ya'll think. This one is album material 4 real 4 real!
Just a quick verse over this beat I was feeling.
Just a general Fly nigga anthem... real hot.. solo song by me (finally) hoffa at me.
He's a young n*** so I tried to go easy on 'em lol. It's all love though, friendly competition, but I still think I ripped 'em
Just a quick verse spittin towards those who feel they can compete me.
Straight spittin wats on my mind. Real tight, 24th style ya feel me?! Listen.....
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