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Instrumental electronic music combining Ambient, Berlin School and Progressive influences. Abstract music that is a journey into the imagination.
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Peak in sub-genre #40 2
Found this rather ambient track lurking on my hard disk recorder, not sure when it was originally composed. Updated and mixed 06.10.05
Peak in sub-genre #51 2
The first piece from my performance at the Awakenings in Leeds on 25/04/05. Improvised live. Part 1. Bubbling noises test the limits.
Peak in sub-genre #56 1
Part 2. Sequences and leads emerge and intertwine.
Peak in sub-genre #66 1
Part 3. More sequences and leads
Peak in sub-genre #60 1
Part 4. Even more sequences and leads finally fade to silence.
this is an improvisation recorded direct to hard disk on 2.11.04 during the preparations for my last gig at Peggers on the 7.11.04. All sequences created and edited live using the Doepfer MAQ 16/3
Peak in sub-genre #79 1 1
Live improvisation from my first Awakenings gig at Peggers on 3.10.04 in Nottingham, UK. Recorded direct to minidisc. Inspired by a request to play something with choirs in :) Thanks Steve
Peak in sub-genre #40
A weird, spacey, ambient track, improvised live to minidisc using a Korg Wavestation and a Nord Modular. Recorded July 2003
Peak in sub-genre #34
Part one of my first live improvisational electronic odyssey - strange spacey noises coalesce out of the darkness
Peak in sub-genre #58
Part two of my first live improvisational electronic odyssey - various sequences emerge and evolve
Peak in sub-genre #70 1
Part three of my first live improvisational electronic odyssey - sequencer heaven and quite a nice lead bit too :¬)
Part four of my first live improvisational electronic odyssey - a quiet section leads into the storming finale
Peak in sub-genre #100
random fluctuations: part two i)
'random fluctuations' part two ii)
'random fluctuations' part two iii)
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