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Guitars Are Us.
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Composed by Adam Martin. Guitars by moi.
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Melodic accoustic-y dub.
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This was the first song I recorded with the Marshall JCM800 in 2003. You could probably tell how much fun I was having. : )
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Vocals courtesy Damagemedarling
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Pulp Fiction on Acid.
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Bass & Drums by Vishal Nayak of Kolkotta
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Stuck in Auckland with no car and nothing to do but play guitar. This is what you get.
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This was the test drive for Zorran's Mesa/Boogie Mark IV amp. To listen to the more 'traditional' sounds this amp does (read kick-yer-teeth-in-br00tal-chug), visit
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Oye Pandchodh!
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I have no clue what inspired this one. From the days when I was actually interested in widdly widdly playing.
I actually knew someone who liked this song. Yes Ayeisha, that means you.
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