HipHop Louisville, KY  USA myspace.com/mexicub6
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Hip hop, Spanish, Latino, chicano, Latin, Rap, gangsta, smooth, rough, fast, slow.
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Peak in sub-genre #73 1
One of the hottest club tracks in the midwest!
Song that gets the ladies wet! Period!
An intro to start off the madness I create!
This is a song of my first love. Keep in mind Im not talking about about a female, can you guess whats my first love?
This one is a lil bit reggeaish but with spanish and english rap mixed.
This is a compilation of a few songs put together on one track. The third verse is a song that I put together to DISS EVRYONE ON SOUNDCLICK!!!! There is a pause before the third verse so dont stop playing the track cause of the few seconds of silence
Unfinished but an idea I came up with.
Multiple personalities!
This is a theme song that was made for a spanish club called Tropicana In Indianapolis, In!
Muevate means move with me in spanish!
Rough draft Feat. Maliante and Ricky Garcy
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