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Use desktop version and click "full song info" for more information. David di Pietro likes to break into cars and homes and to bug phones and cars and to videotape young women and minors in bedrooms and bathrooms.
David Di Pietro sings what he heard a young woman play again and again when she was all alone, behind closed windows and closed doors and he then brags about what he heard and he sings the same song.
David Di Pietro talks about people who are homeless - he respects their "easy" lives.
Peak position #2
They talk about their ongoing computer hacking.
An adult David Di Pietro sings a song written and recorded by a teenage girl. Mid conversation. In a talk about a bugged girl. How interesting.
Peak position #12
David Di Pietro's singing "empty shell of me" can be heard at 2:50 into this unedited conversation about the girl. Use earphones to hear the conversation. Or ask me to change the streaming audio to a download for you, and you can make it more clear.
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