W.D. Neely
Pop Kempton, PA  USA wdneely.com
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Peak in sub-genre #23 1
The case against deferred gratification. The Epicureans had it about right: this is all you get, so enjoy the moment.
Peak in sub-genre #88 1
Might as well get used to it: all God's children run a little bit late.
Peak in sub-genre #27 1
Whom the gods would destroy, they first make expendable.
Peak in sub-genre #50 1
We may profit from others' instructive calamities, but let's not forget the entertainment value.
Peak in sub-genre #25 1
Heads up: our indiscretions and miscalculations will outlive us, enshrined forever in cyberspace.
Peak position #54 1
Dick's first day at his new job. Expectations are high.
Peak in sub-genre #58 1
Anticipating the loss of a loved one.
Peak in sub-genre #72 1
Memo to the boss: Old Testament vengeance doesn't come across so well in today's marketplace. Might be time to retrofit your brand.
Peak in sub-genre #67 1
A lullaby for our noncommittal (and uncommitted) zeitgeist.
Peak in sub-genre #30 1
A selection from the National Security Council Songbook. This scorched-earth ditty requires constant updating.
Ennui, musically manifested. Might be a questionable topic for a song -- but never out of fashion.
Peak in sub-genre #37 1
Feeling a bit Goetterdaemmerung-out. But things could get worse. And probably will.
Peak position #55 1
A simple, heartfelt plea for a more civil society.
Peak in sub-genre #40 1
A rural reverie sprung from urban exile in deepest Brooklyn.
An apocryphal gospel song. This account differs somewhat from the canonical version bequeathed to us by the fourth-century Council of Nicea.
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