Mario Raposo
Electronic Ponta delgada, Azores  USA
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Born in S.Miguel, Azores, Mario is an eclectic and a self-taught musician. His taste and influences encompass Jazz, Classic music, New Age, Electronic and film
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Peak position #98
Opening theme from the album HUMANIZATION.
Peak in sub-genre #29
Main theme from the album "The Passage".
Peak position #52
From the album WOLF 424. Melodic Electronic/Progressive Ambient.
Peak position #47 1
From the Piano album "Intimate Keys". Featuring Patricia Perpetuo, flute.
Peak in sub-genre #50 1
From the Piano album "Intimate Keys". Uplifting!
Peak in sub-genre #42 2
Main title from the album "Heartland".
Peak in sub-genre #27 2
Piano theme with strings and harmonica.
Peak in sub-genre #44 3
Harp, oboe, strings and synth. Woods of Passion.
Peak in sub-genre #49 2
Peak position #49 2
An electronic version of Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik!
Peak position #86 2
Electronic version of this classic.
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Deep Transit
01 Her smile lifts me gravity 2
Electronic - House
"Her smile lifts me gravity " Original mix This is one of 3 singles release for the next album. Progression in rhythm "
Instrumentals - Beats General
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