meter versus yard
HipHop London, ON, Canada
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indie hip-hop for the bespectacled bookworm nerd in each and every one of us! mangled beats and dictionary rhymes even your grandmother would approve of!
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like ted bundy, we came to put the hammer down // from the upcoming MVSY 12" on MEASURERECS. //
remix & additional production by shapethrower // from the upcoming MVSY 12" on MEASURERECS. //
real G's are the ones you'll never see, in bedrooms & boardrooms making deals overseas
flowin' like blood from an open wound, triggerfinger, hand of doom
everyday's d-day when we're rawkin the boards! // w. co-production by moss_ /
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(!!!) VOTE ANYONE ELSE 2004 (!!!)
Peak in sub-genre #98
/ /
four more years? no thank you!
and to think that all this time the WMDs were hidden in the dark recesses of the white house basement ...
the white devil strikes again!/ rmx production by lode runner / / vocal edits by [ manticore ] /
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