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Leroy Moore is a Black writer, poet, hip-hop\music lover, community activist and feminist with a physical disability. He has been sharing his perspective on ide
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My Poem for Roger Anthony, a Black disabled, Deaf man who was riding his bike and someone called police because thought he was drunk. Police shouted "get off the bike," but remember Roger was Deaf so the police shot him while he was on his bike!
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Poemsong for Black Disabled Women
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A poem for all the Black Disabled Scholars/Activists who passed away
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This is my song to the Hip-Hop industry and to those artists who take shots toward artists with disability or disability in general and who pimp disability for face time. Welcome to Krip-Hop Nation.
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My song for my disabled brothers of color.
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Disabled Profiled is not only a song but what two Black disabled men, Keith Jones & Leroy Moore went through. It will be on Krip-Hop Mixtape about police brutality and profiling against people with disabilities
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Some times I feel like turning my poetry into songs and singing them. I'm not a singer but I just had to try. Rob Da 'Noize Temple produce the music and add his voice at the end. On my mixtape, Black Kripple Delivers Krip Love Mixtape.
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From The Black Kripple Delivers Krip Love Mixtape, Krip-Kissing once again takes something we know, Kissing and Krippling it in a hot way saying people with disabilities have their own way of kissing. Ummm r u interested? hahaha.
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Lyrics by Leroy Moore Jr. Music production by Rob DA 'Noize Temple
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Tonight I Stopped The World Mix by The Black Kripple. New song by Leroy Moore. Music production by Rob 'Da Noize Temple. For Darla
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