Kinsey's Razor
Rock MT  USA
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Peak position #72
A tale of Death and a man bargaining to avoid the inevitable, or at least find it on his terms...
Who doesn't feel overwhelmed and drifting over the lines of sanity...?
A heavy song about realizing your loved one no longer loves you, leaving you the one who remains as the only part of the relationship.
A story of a lost spirit longing for the physical contact of the real world and cursed to live among us, lonely and empty.
An interesting story of a man and a women in love through time.
One of the first songs I wrote.
Just a song about the ups and downs of life.
Just an account of someone holding onto the past and getting stuck there.
This is simply saying goodbye to someone you love.
A song about feeling empty inside.
A heavy guitar instrumental influenced by listening to Jeff Loomis.
This song is about holding on and asking someone you care about to stick around, whether in a relationship or life in general.
Peak in sub-genre #100
A melodic and diverse guitar instrumental.
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