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palestine aka pali
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Real heavy bass, light on the drums, dark cathedral vocals, slow club type synths, almost like some 3-6 type ish. Definitely a dark beat.
Dark synths, mean bass, hip hop drums, got a real East Coast feel to it. Gotta come hard..... $10 LEASES!!! $50 EXCLUSIVES!!!
Self explanatory, "I GOT 20 GS IN A NIKE BOX" ..... Smooth bass for ya mama, strings for the kids, everybody loves money. Campaign for swagga on this joint, go hard. $10 LEASES!!! $50 EXCLUSIVES!!!
Goes hard for the clubs, super bass your subs cant handle, raw synths, this one just goes hard period.... $10 LEASES!!! $50 EXCLUSIVES!!!
Swag all over this one, trippy keyboard, south style synths on hook, deep kicks, hard snare. Ambitionz as a rider meets the south. $10 LEASES!!! $50 EXCLUSIVES!!!
Some electro type synths, rock rap drums, smooth transitions, another one for the lyricist. To me this beat has a real midwest sound to it, but who's to say nobody else couldnt rock it. $10 LEASES!!! $50 EXCLUSIVES!!!
Dark strings on the hook, erie synths, hard toms, and hip hop drums. If youre a lyricist this beat is for you. Gotta come hard on this one. $10 LEASES!!! $50 EXCLUSIVES!!!
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