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Sietzsounds is Matt Sietz... Remixer, dance music producer, and recording engineer in NYC. All songs were recorded & mixed by Matt Sietz. They also may have bee
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a song I wrote & produced in 1997... this is the house remix
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heres "Sleeping Beauty" (New York Urban Dance Mix) by Maya Days!!!!!! copyright 2005
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a dark trancy housy techno track with vocoder Credits: written produced recorded mixed & vocals by Matt Sietz
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A house track created by Matt Sietz "I'm In The Mood, To Get You In The Groove" Credits: vox by Babi Floyd & Elaine Caswell, synth flute solo by Dan Gralick, written, produced, edited, recorded & mixed by Matt Sietz
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Smooth down-tempo techno track @85 BPM with hot, sexy, dream vox by Dawn!!!!! Credits: Everything by Sietz except vox by Dawn!!!
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My freestyle remix of The Select's Pouring Sugar On The Dancefloor
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Matt's freestyle remix of Dawn's "Feeling Of Love", featuring Babi Floyd. Written by Matt Sietz with polishings by Dan Gralick, recorded, programmed, edited, produced & mixed by Matt Sietz, vox by Dawn & Babi Floyd
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Hard deep trancey club track. BPM in the mid 130's!!! Written, programmed, produced, recorded & mixed by Matt Sietz
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Hard hitting club track @129 BPM. Part house, part techno, part trance, you decide. Credits: Written, Programmed, Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Matt Sietz
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Here's Matt's Deep Dub of The Select's "I Know It Ain't Heaven".
by The Select... my extended club mix!!!
Miami (Bang-Bang) by The Select was played @ the Orange Bowl for Hurricanes games!!!
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A hard hitting Industrial Techno track. Credits: Written, Recorded, Edited, Produced, Mixed by Matt Sietz
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A techno track I produced in 1992. Credits: Sietz
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Here's The Select's freestyle version of "I Know It Ain't Heaven".
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