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Reminiscing the smooth melodies of Antonio Carlos Jobim. After wearing out his Wave LP, the song was originally created back in 1981. Having added a new VI Bass recently, I have re-recorded this version. Hope you enjoy.
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Pop oldie.
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With inspiration from the film "Under The Tuscan Sun", the music of Ludovico Einaudi, and much, much more ... (photo by Barbara Nowik).
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vocal by Myles Loud - mixing by Nick T of Musicians Collaboration Studio.
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This is a remix. Thanks for listening.
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Rarely do I equate musical influences on the songs that I write. However, I can definitely say that I hear Sting when I listen to this song. My humble apologies to Sting for dragging his songwriting prowess to this level. Peace.
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My first song ever written in this Genre. Is there such a Genre called Serious Sarcasm? What's wrong with this world would be metaphorically correct.
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A lot of times, doing the right thing is easier said than done.
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I would like to dedicate this song to those who have lost their lives and those who have lost their loved ones in this horrific calamity taking place in Japan.
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I love you Dad.
Peak position #71
An expression of spiritual sacred love.
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In memory of my yellow lab Beau.
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