Dar Shelton
Alternative NM  USA
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Solo acoustic fingerstyle guitar . Mutant synthesizer music . And now : EBow on acoustic and electric guitar. Trippy stuff, but no brain cells were chemicall
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#54 (Sub-genre) 1
The usual EBow and Strat. Minimal musical content and playing; maximum tonal experience. Enjoy loud and/or with headphones , or whatever people are using these days. NO DUBS .
Peak position #23
Solo fingerstyle acoustic guitar piece from the early 2000's
Peak position #24
One more from the "Blue World" jam. EBow, Strat, pedals, no overdubs.
Peak position #85
more of the same annoying/amazing EBow and Strat work from 2018. Pedal effects; no overdubs. It's all one improvised stereo track, with good sections edited together sequentially.
Peak position #34
2 reverse delays, 2 flangers , and some other fx. EBow/Strat from early 2018
Peak position #17
close to some sort of holy grail of sound. no dubs, just some bits (the usual one-take, stereo-track of EBow noise) spliced together sequentially
Peak position #26
EBow , played over drone/loop EBow track , plus some natural sounds. Dedicated to the late great Graeme Cammack (aka The Shed Man) . Go check his soundclick out !
Peak position #92
EBow on electric guitar from 2017. No overdubs. Hypnotic, mellow sounds.
Peak position #20
EBow, Strat, Water, Birds, Train
Peak position #30
another drone piece . ebow and pedals . slow, but it morphs in some interesting ways . no dubs.
Peak position #22
Acoustic guitar, with post-production, acoustic-guitar-derived effects
Peak in sub-genre #23
#91 (Sub-genre) 1
Writing and practicing this for recording took most of a year. I should've spent more time making sure the recording would sound good . Such is life.
Peak position #29
more of the same. slow, subtle, hypnotic. 2018 EBow .
Peak in sub-genre #12
"The Herald Circuits Sing" reversed ; delay and feedback effects added . Music from the realm of living machines , or at least ones that make pretty noises .
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