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Well baby, there's nothing more to say. I vote for a hug. Don't you? Let's hug.
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Oh Boy, another happy sound. It's happy, happy. Just listen in and be happy. Oh boy.
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I m a Day Sleeper. Midnight Mover. Don't Call Me In The Daylight cos I m dreamin about the nightlife. I sleepin til the sunset. Don't Shake me. I be dancing in the moonlight. Howl'n at the full moon. Don't Wake me. Don't try to change me
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Love at first sight on the dance floor. Yeah, I saw you standing there, lookin at me. Country stylin. I knew baby you were gonna One, Two step right into my:) Heart. That you did. Come on, folks give it a listen and buy a copy.
Peak in sub-genre #24 1
Reflections from our own mistrust. Set it right. Show Respect to all things living. 911.
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Living by the code of the road is worth my while. Sometimes, it's a very cold road.
Peak in sub-genre #60 1
Hey now baby, Don't ask me how I feel cos if you don't feel it too then there's not much I can say. Just looking at you baby makes me feel complete. I know you feel the same. When you touch me baby you set me on fire.
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A magical resonant song. Susie wrote the lyrics on her birthday. A big fan of the song Over The Rainbow and the movie Wizard Of Oz so those were her influence. Please Google Rainbow Dreams Susie Brooklyn on sale at Amazon.
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Start your engine. Fasten your seat belt. Hot for your love on a cold, cold night. Thirsty for your lovin on a wet wet night. Hot, Hot, Cover Me baby with a warm kiss and give me a taste of your sweet lips. Watch Out, Slippery when wet.
Peak in sub-genre #10 1
Your love is like Spanish Champagne. On any given night you can drive me insane. An Act of nature can't be contained. Like a hurricane. The Flute and the beating drums, Drives this song.
Peak position #80 1
How could she know? Round and Round. On a Carousel Of Love.
Peak position #81 1
It's not by the light of the silvery moon it's by the light of your monitor. Who knew, Sue knew. Phil knew. Hey, it's online dating. Wifi.
Peak position #63 1
Time and space it called Aviance 1. Come visit it with me where there is no time. Nos space. Just Aviance 1 from the echos from the past, present and future. Behold. Aviance 1.
Peak position #92 1
Slide guitar says Mama. Let's Boogie and Jive cos I your Mello Drama Mama.
Peak position #68 1
In your hands you held my heart. I don't know what happen to our happiness. You left me with only our broken memories. All I do is fall down to my knees. Crying out loud. No Guarantees, for you and me.
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